Camping Extravaganzapalooza

We finally made it out to camping with friends this Summer and had a blast! We were able to try out our new (well, new to us) canoe and we love it. We can't wait to do more canoeing in the fall! Camp was crazy and fun. We had ELEVEN dogs. Yes, eleven. We are dog people. The weekend was filled with dutch ovens, yummy drinks, horseshoe tournaments, girl pee parties in the woods, campfires, guitars, pinatas, horses, lakes, fish and great memories.
Camp. Or an XTERRA advertisement, you choose. :)
Mike setting up horseshoes with his old man pipe

Brandon setting up camp..sort of...

What is that you ask? A pinata. A pink elephant pinata.

Little Jack is the cutest!

This is Brittany. She makes me laugh.

Drinks @ Noon! Wahoo!

Meag & Britt


Play that funky music white boy...

Camping is not camping without a fire.

We love our canoe!

Chica enjoying the ride

Relaxing day on the lake

Dave and his fish

The Thomas Raft

Cassidy and Isabella - Cute cousins!

Sean and his fish


Anonymous said...

What a BLAST!!! Love all the pics...and I especially love you.

Burrell said...

I love camping. Camping's the best. And I love that even though you all were camping, you EVERY ONE still managed to look beautiful. Love it. And I love you, too.


I hope all the stuff that came out of that pink elephant pinata lanted safely on the ground and not on the heads of those standing underneath.