Perfect way to spend a Sunday...

Last Sunday, we went rockclimbing with Tamara, Dave and Cassidy. It was beautiful weather and we were able to hang out and climb for most of the afternoon. Rockclimbing is not as difficult as it may seem and it's the best workout and mental challenge! Sometimes you feel like you are stuck and there are no more footholds or handholds to progress up the cliff. Then, you realize, you are either going up or down, and if you don't want to give up you just have to find that next hold...and that's what you do! Even if it is the smallest little crevice, you dig your toe in, push all of your weight into it and reach for the next little ledge that your fingertips can grab onto. It really is so much fun. If any of you ever want to go, let's do it!!

Dave and Brandon are our official "lead" climbers. This is where they have to climb up first and take the rope with them, hooking it into anchors as they climb. They are still belayed from below in case of a fall, but I don't dare to do this yet, considering that if you fall, it can be up to a 12 foot fall. I'm just not that daring yet :) We are sure glad that they are good at it though so that we can climb up after them with a top rope.

We like climbing together, because we can have conversations as we climb. Girly conversations and the boys can't hear us because they are 50 feet below us. Ha.

This little monkey might be the best climber out of us all. She just scrambles up that cliff and her little toes and fingers can grab onto things that our big fat toes and fingers can't. Way to go Cass!!

Like mother, like daughter.

Yup, she made it all the way to the top!

Tamara and I tried belaying each other for the first time. We can't belay the boys because they weigh more than us, so we are perfect for belaying each other! Weeee!


Burrell said...

Ummm, do you need special shoes for that? And how about the attire on your upper extremities? Don't you worry about rocks falling on top of you? Or about your rope fraying and rubbing down to a little tiny thread? Dangerous things can happen when you do dangerous things, don'tcha know? And now, do I sound like those people who think that any time you go hunting, you are automatically going to get shot because you are out in the woods with a gun? It's crazy times, these days.


Sure glad that there were plenty of nooks and cratices for your fingers and toes to slide into.

One day I want to try it with you guys, K?

Danielle said...

Temily. Yes, you do need special shoes. They are really tight and help grip the rocks. As for upper extremity attire, you can be as creative as you like. Just ask Brandon about the rope. It's his baby. He washes it after every climb and examines it for weak spots. The first weak spot he finds, the rope is gone FOREVA. You have to come, you would be so amazing. It's actually only dangerous it stupid people do it...and I guess if the anchor comes out, but who wants to think about things like that? Hmmmm?

Burrell said...

I feel much better about letting you go climbing now. Thanks for putting my mind at ease. And thank Brando for taking care of his
baby(s). And yes, it is only dangerous if stupid people do it. But now, if I ever go climbing, I will be obsessing about the anchor coming out. I never even thought about that possiblity. Thanks for putting it in my head.


I been trynterf forever.

Burrell said...

P.S. Cass is my little heroine.


She's super frici.