Iron & Wine

Iron & Wine is absolutely one of my favorite musicians. Sam Beam the lead singer put on a free concert at the Gallivan Plaza for the Twilight Concert Series and I was sure to be there WAY too early to get a good seat. Good thing I did though, because it was extra crowded. It was the most amazing show. It was just Sam Beam and his guitar under the summer sky and I was in heaven.

The picture below is of the singer for the opening band "Okerville River". The lead singer looks and moves like my older brother Anthony, it was almost creepy. Do you see it??

Here are the girls...Brittany is nestling me into her bosom. Or something like that.

Meag and I

Candice and Britt

Mike and Meag


Click HERE to see some clips of the concert. You won't be disappointed if you're a fan :)
And HERE for another.


Jamie said...

looks like you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

I love that song, fun concert with good friends! and yes, I think that the guitar player looks like Anthony. Mom

Burrell said...

I've never even heard of Iron and Wine. Well, minus that time that I heard about it when someone was talking about a wine rack that was made out of iron.


Who's never heard of Iron and Wine? Slubm like me.