Not all who wander are lost...

See that point at the top? That's our destination...

Um...I'm not posing. This is just how I stand naturally.
Yeah...this is how Brandon smiles naturally too.

I don't really get this picture. I don't get why I'm the leaning tower of Danielle. Whatev.
Hmmm? I'm missing a sock? Hmm. I wonder where that went.

Oh, one more thing, we went to Marysvale to stain Mom and Dad's shed, picnic tables, etc. and Chica had another fabulous find. Yep. Another deer leg.


BTW, I wasn't done posting about my graduation. I mean gradutation. I mean Temily. I mean Delphinium.

I know that post title meant pretty much nothing to most of you. But ONE of you found it hilarious and is giggling at your computer right now. That is until you get distracted by something sparkley on your computer desk. Ahem. Attention please Temily. Heeeeee. Ha.
Anyway, here are some more pics of graduation day.
Here are three of my awesome professors!

Of course we had to have a miniature model shoot in our gowns...

This one is my personal favorite. I mean...wow.

Is my sister beautiful...or is she beautiful?
Good thing there are only TWO crazy Llanos girls.

Best friends...best sisters :)

Tata y yo

We're...too sexy for this catwalk.
Me, Mom and Dave...thanks for the flowers Dave!
Mike and Bwandon...the proud spouses
My Aunt Khaki and Uncle Edweirdo :)...and Cass!

My parents and Tam and Dave gave me this gorgeous wine chiller...I love it!!



And it came to pass that I graduated. And it was good.

It was a happy day!
Graduation day was so amazing. It felt surreal and incredible to have my family and friends celebrating all day! I missed the Oregonian family but we will see each other soon enough :) I'm excited to join the real world and continue my path towards becoming an architect. Thank you everyone for your support while I was a crazy college student trying to juggle work and school. Thank you Brandon for being amazing as usual...I promise now I can do more dishes :) I love you. These pictures are all out of order and I'm not going to arrange them in order. Hmph.

We were treated to some tunes by the dudes.

Auntie Joan and my cousin Bridgette...they brought me some wine, cheese and tequila. Do they know me, or do they KNOW me? :)

Brandon, Dave and cousin Frank...also a recent graduate!
Mom and Dad - they are amazing :)

Tata - I'm a little teary because we were thinking of our sweet Nani

Brittany and I

Los tres mujeres

Joan, Bridgette, Stephaney and the kids , Penny and Frank came to celebrate!

Mom and Vicky treated us to their favorite childhood song...with actions and all :)

Thank you Mike, Emily, Hunter, Corrine and Elayna for the beautiful flowers!!

Thanks Tami-poo for playing the banjo! I love it!

My beautiful Mom

Making a wish...

Mike and I


My favorite quote ever + Photo(s) of the Week

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."
~Hendry David Thoreau


Does it get any better than this?

This weekend has been amazing. Nothing to do but relax and do things around the house. We had a fabulous dinner while it was thunderstorming outside and I was able to get inspired enough to write a song too. Ahhhh....great weekend.

I don't know why I feel the urge to take pictures of our dinner sometimes, but seriously?! Does it get any better than this? BBQ'd salmon, brown rice and authentic Chilean pebre (or peude or peda or pude depending on who you ask). So yummy. Not to mention topping it off with a pre-dinner shot of tequila. Or two. Or maybe three :)

Chica is spoiled enough to have enjoyed some of the salmon feast as well :)

Brandon modeling his milk - please notice the pinky raise.