Welcome to Zion

I'm completely behind on keeping this blog up to date, and considering that I'm depending on this to be my "scrapbook", I better catch up. This summer has been too amazing for words. Here's a trip we took to Zion with friends to do some canyoneering. It was an incredible and beautiful trip!


Send me your email!

Hi everyone! I'm going private on my blog, so post a comment here with your email and I'll add you to the list! :)


Spring has sprung.

We chilled with the family and some friends in M-ville last weekend. I would explain the pictures, but if it's true that a picture speaks a thousand words, I just won't bother. ;)


Mini Me!

I'll soon be posting pictures from Brandon's Dad's memorial in Colorado. It was a bittersweet day, seeing family and mourning the loss of Kevin. While we were there though, I met our cousin's two sweet daughters and I was ECSTATIC to discover that one of them was a Mini Me! Why you might ask? Because if you remember me telling you a while back, I used to have a pretty odd stance when I was little. I would hold my arms up to my chest, relax my wrists so that my hands kind of hung there. Yes, like a rabbit. Or a velociraptor if you prefer. And yes, sweet little Julia has the same habit! So cute! All I can say is that it must be a sign of genius :)


Last Friday morning, we receieved a phone call from Brandon's little brother with horrible news. Brandon's Dad had passed away in his sleep. It was sudden and unexpected, so everyone was in complete shock. Brandon's Dad was an amazing man. He was sincere, genuine, goofy, loving, compassionate and had a laugh that could completely fill up a room. His bear hugs were always there to greet me, although he and Brandon always gave eachother "knuckles" in place of a "man hug". There are so many great memories that we are left with of Kevin and his magnetic personality. He really was the life of the party and could always put a smile on our faces. As Brandon has been saying for the past week, although his Dad is no longer here, he lives on through his three boys who share his blood, his zest for life, his love of the Broncos, his passion for the outdoors, and last but not least, his unconditional love for his family. If this loss has taught us anything, Brandon and I feel a new appreciation for each new day. Life is short and fragile, so we must hug our loved ones, enjoy each experience and make every day worth every second. We love you Kevin and you will always be missed.


Soakin' it up

We had a camping trip planned this weekend, but we got snowed out of our plans. So, instead, we took a day trip up to Fifth Water Hot Springs and soaked in the natural springs for a few hours. The hour hike up to the springs was a little chilly, but the snow was melting around us and all of the plants and animals around us were buzzing with the coming of Spring. It was a beautiful and perfect day.