An Unexpected Reunion

Last week, Anthony, Michael and their families all came to Utah to visit Nani who is struggling more and more with her illness. It was an unexpected visit and came pretty quickly but it was so great to have everyone together for a few days. I don't have pictures yet of our time spent with Nani and Tata but I will post them as soon as I do! We spent the day talking and laughing with Nani and singing to her with our guitars. It was bittersweet and memorable.

We headed off to the "prop" for the weekend and had a great time with a BEAUTIFUL springy day. Here are some pics of our weekend together.

Um...these next pictures don't need much of an explanation. Duh.

Beautiful girls!






The birthday kiddos!

Mamacita and sisters

Run Daisy Run!

Cass and Grandma


Guitar @ the campfire
Paisley Rose

Elayna Rae



A thought.

Lately, I've been so so stressed out with everything. Everything just adds up to one big stress attack - I'm in my final semester of grad school, the economy sucks, my employer is not doing very well, I might get laid off, money is tight, my Nani isn't doing very well, etc. etc. etc. All of this stress lately has helped me come to realize how important the "little things" are. I start stressing about something as trivial as money or school - but then I look at the beautiful mountains or think about spending some quality time with Bwandon and everything else just gets pushed into perspective. What is life REALLY all about? Bank accounts? Thesis projects? Government? Or is it about love...happiness...family...friends...laughter...good food...good talks...great experiences. Take a deep breath. Look to nature. Life is good.


Livin' off the Lan'

Last night Brandon and I treated ourselves to some delicious Coues Deer steak supplied by
my big bro Michael. Mom usually loads us up with food when we leave the prop and we are always excited when she gives us some of Michael's meat from his hunts. You would be so proud Mike, we cooked it just the way you did last year with the saltine crackers and rasberry preserves. It was sooo delicioso...thanks for sharing your hard-earned grub :)


Quote + Photo

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
- Howard Thurman

Photo: Rock Art on the river in Zurich, Switzerland


Yes, it was girl's night again...

...and it was a blast as usual :)

I always dance in my seat like it's nobody's business...this time I must've REALLY been shaking it because the backs of my knees are totally bruised from bumping against the chair. Not even kidding....I guess next time I'll just have to stand the whole time and dance :)