Two firsts of the Summer...

Today, two things happened for the first time this Summer. First, Brandon caught his first 22 inch cutthroat at Soldier Creek. Look at his big smile! He's so pwoud.

Then, he let Chica have a taste. Look at his manly face scruff. Hey hot stuff. Rar.
Then, for the second first thing, I actually CLEANED OUT MY CLOSET. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you have a pile of clothes like this:
...on the bottom floor of your closet, then it is a big deal. I am not the most organized person, okay? Jeez. I took me approximately three hours to clean out and organize. Now I have three giant bags of clothes to sell to Plato Closet. Yippee!
While I cleaned, Chica slept all day. Dogs have the easiest life, let me tell you. Especially this one.
This is my closet now. Ahhhh. It feels good.
Okay, bye.


Cami Jo said...

I love a clean closet! Yeah! What is Plato Closet? I've never heard of it. Cute picture of Chica.

Burrell said...

Yep. I saw your closet one time. It wasn't pretty. Well, all the colors meshed together were pretty and I got lost in their shine. So now I'm sad because what will I be able to get lost in when I visit your house?


I know. I'll prowbee get lost in your eyes.

Tamara with a "T" said...

Good girl Danelle.

Anonymous said...

I have a good idea! let's have a cleaning party at my house OK?