Sunset Hike

After work on Wednesday, Brandon and I decided to hike up Mount Grandeur to see the sunset. We've done the hike a few times before and knew we'd have a good view from the top! The hike takes about an hour and a half each way. We hiked up in time to relax for about an hour, sip on a beer, watch the sunset and then we hiked back down with headlamps on. I must say it was a little eerie on the trail in the dark with just the headlamps! The hike was invigorating and an awesome mid-week adventure.

At the top!

This picture doesn't capture it, but the lighting was so peaceful and beautiful.

Cheers to Summer


brittany said...


Burrell said...

You so nice and pretty. And I love you.

Cami Jo said...

Those pictures were Gorgeous! I love hiking too! Something about it just gives me so much appreciation for the beautiful world we live in!

Vicky said...

so so pretty!! cheers to summer. <3