Mud bath, anyone?

Now for a continuation of the Powell Pirates trip. We had a great spot with a sandy beach and with the perfect clay to give ourselves a mud treatment that would cost a ton at any fancy salon. It was so relaxing and our skin was so smooth after. Ahhhhhhh.


brittany said...

Cute pics! If your trip comes up in future conversations, I'm just going to act like I was there too because... it was so fun, you know when we went to Lake Powell that one time?! I'm so cool. Oh and so are you. remplu. poo poo.

Burrell said...

Brittanyyyyy. You were there. Just not there.
Mud bathing aside, Danelle, you're gorgeous. So's Brandon. I love you, k.


Your looks are dedly.

Vicky said...

ohhh I haven't been looking at the blogs for a while, and I have been missing out, I love your vacation pictures, but that last one of you in your cute yellow bikini, covered in yummy mud and wearing that beautiful smile is "mi favorita"