And it came to pass that I graduated. And it was good.

It was a happy day!
Graduation day was so amazing. It felt surreal and incredible to have my family and friends celebrating all day! I missed the Oregonian family but we will see each other soon enough :) I'm excited to join the real world and continue my path towards becoming an architect. Thank you everyone for your support while I was a crazy college student trying to juggle work and school. Thank you Brandon for being amazing as usual...I promise now I can do more dishes :) I love you. These pictures are all out of order and I'm not going to arrange them in order. Hmph.

We were treated to some tunes by the dudes.

Auntie Joan and my cousin Bridgette...they brought me some wine, cheese and tequila. Do they know me, or do they KNOW me? :)

Brandon, Dave and cousin Frank...also a recent graduate!
Mom and Dad - they are amazing :)

Tata - I'm a little teary because we were thinking of our sweet Nani

Brittany and I

Los tres mujeres

Joan, Bridgette, Stephaney and the kids , Penny and Frank came to celebrate!

Mom and Vicky treated us to their favorite childhood song...with actions and all :)

Thank you Mike, Emily, Hunter, Corrine and Elayna for the beautiful flowers!!

Thanks Tami-poo for playing the banjo! I love it!

My beautiful Mom

Making a wish...

Mike and I


Tamara with a "T" said...

Congrats to my beautiful sister...love you!

brittany said...

Congratulations my friend.

Burrell said...

Awwww. My little Danielleeee. All grown up and gradutated. I liked the bumble bee on the flowers. What did you wish for? And what didi Brittany's shoes look like this time?
Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you, but guess what? Did you know that Lake Powell is still there?
Love you. Thanks for your comment about Bunter.


Burrell said...

*I meant graduated.
Just so you know.

Burrell said...

I also meant did instead of didi.

Vicky said...

oh didi Emily... remember? you told me nobody notices those things ha ha ha oooops, nope it was the stupid stuff said people don't remember, the errors in spelling on the other hand will never be forgotten, unless you are a chilean crazy llanos girl.

Vicky said...

I love the pic of you with Brandon right under the one of my beautiful sister, you look so HAPPY! Thanks for letting me part of your day you "mono chico" I had such a good time, I loved the music too! banjo, guitar and good songs... oh yeah and some great dancing too. ok, no more comments from the this one, calladita ahora!

Antonio said...

D to the B. Congraduations. Get it?