Does it get any better than this?

This weekend has been amazing. Nothing to do but relax and do things around the house. We had a fabulous dinner while it was thunderstorming outside and I was able to get inspired enough to write a song too. Ahhhh....great weekend.

I don't know why I feel the urge to take pictures of our dinner sometimes, but seriously?! Does it get any better than this? BBQ'd salmon, brown rice and authentic Chilean pebre (or peude or peda or pude depending on who you ask). So yummy. Not to mention topping it off with a pre-dinner shot of tequila. Or two. Or maybe three :)

Chica is spoiled enough to have enjoyed some of the salmon feast as well :)

Brandon modeling his milk - please notice the pinky raise.


Burrell said...

Yes. The pinky raise was the first thing I noticed. And I did an audible "Ahhhhhh" for you because I know how hard you've been working and how much you deserved that relaxation-ness.
(The word verification reminded me of a large albatross poopie.)


Vicky said...

mmmm.... that salmon looks amazing! hey, I think food is totally photo worthy. and great pic of the "Mr. Milk Man" : )

Jess said...

Your pictures of food always look so yummy! Are you for hire? :) You and Britt both deserve a break! Congrats again on your graduation! Amazing accomplishment!

Antonio said...

I wantz to hear ze song.