BTW, I wasn't done posting about my graduation. I mean gradutation. I mean Temily. I mean Delphinium.

I know that post title meant pretty much nothing to most of you. But ONE of you found it hilarious and is giggling at your computer right now. That is until you get distracted by something sparkley on your computer desk. Ahem. Attention please Temily. Heeeeee. Ha.
Anyway, here are some more pics of graduation day.
Here are three of my awesome professors!

Of course we had to have a miniature model shoot in our gowns...

This one is my personal favorite. I mean...wow.

Is my sister beautiful...or is she beautiful?
Good thing there are only TWO crazy Llanos girls.

Best friends...best sisters :)

Tata y yo

We're...too sexy for this catwalk.
Me, Mom and Dave...thanks for the flowers Dave!
Mike and Bwandon...the proud spouses
My Aunt Khaki and Uncle Edweirdo :)...and Cass!

My parents and Tam and Dave gave me this gorgeous wine chiller...I love it!!



Vicky said...

Congrats Danielle, what a great acomplishment!!

Burrell said...

OH MY HECK! YOU WERE SO RIGHT. I WAS LAUGHING MY BUM BUM OFF. Ohhhh. That was good. The wine cooler is way cool and the pose of you and Brittany, well...there are just no words other than, "we're not to dwell on that." And with that being said, I bid you Adieu. (see, Miguel is my Latin Lover and I'm his French Mistress.)
P.S. I really don't want to say good-bye without telling you how much you are amazing-a. And everything else that escapes me right now. K? L to the O-V-E ya.


Cami Jo said...

That is so awesome Danielle! You look so happy in all your pictures, and you should be!!!! You should be so proud of yourself, as so many other people are! Way to GO!

Tamara with a "T" said...

Temily. Baaahaaahahe hum. Love you sister.

Amanda said...

2 things 1st of all whats the proffeser in the middle doing in the first pick and I like the look in grammas eyes on the last pic.