Accepting donations.

Photo: Germany 2007
"I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world." — Mary Anne Radmacher
This is what's on my mind lately. Travel. One of the greatest times in my life was the 18 days I spent touring Germany, Switzerland and Austria for my studio class. I thrive on new experiences, new tastes, new sights, new people and new places. I have a travel bug that's starting to itch and I would love to go back to Europe with Brandon and add some new countries to my list of places I've been. SO, I am accepting donations to the B&D Travel fund. Muchas gracias and have a lovely day.


brittany said...

Tell me about it! I can't keep myself off of travel websites!!!

I'm piggy backing on your call for donations... no touchbacks. pluh.


Jamie said...

I'm piggy backing on Brittany's piggy backing.