I have a dilemma. I had the urge to paint something again (or I was just trying to find anything to do BUT study for my A.R.E.) so I did and this is it...

My dilemma is this: I intended on painting the tree's root system reaching into the ground, but once I got to this point, I kind of like it this way. Brandon's vote is to let it be. You can't see it very well, but the tree has some red leaves in the branches, so the root system might add a new meaning if it seems like the roots are pulling the color/energy/life/fire from the ground. I need opinions before I decide whether or not to continue the painting...or to let it be. :)


angela said...

Leave it be. I like it this way.

Burrell said...

I think you should figure out what you want it to say before you make your final decision. What would the roots represent vs. how it would be deciphered without the roots.
Either way, it's beautiful and I love it.
Or am I reading way too much into it and it's simply a tree growing from an Earth with a lot of volcanic activity going on miles below the surface?


Te desseyho. Uh huh, ooh, ah.

angela said...

Did you have any family hurt in the earthquake? I hope not, so sad. The whole country is in my prayers. I hope no one in your family was harmed.