An Unexpected Reunion

Last week, Anthony, Michael and their families all came to Utah to visit Nani who is struggling more and more with her illness. It was an unexpected visit and came pretty quickly but it was so great to have everyone together for a few days. I don't have pictures yet of our time spent with Nani and Tata but I will post them as soon as I do! We spent the day talking and laughing with Nani and singing to her with our guitars. It was bittersweet and memorable.

We headed off to the "prop" for the weekend and had a great time with a BEAUTIFUL springy day. Here are some pics of our weekend together.

Um...these next pictures don't need much of an explanation. Duh.

Beautiful girls!






The birthday kiddos!

Mamacita and sisters

Run Daisy Run!

Cass and Grandma


Guitar @ the campfire
Paisley Rose

Elayna Rae



Burrell said...

HOly cow, that was a short visit. But so much fun. I miss you already like crazy, you wouldn't even believe it at all. Little Chica. Mwah. I loved the pics. And now everytime I pose in front of the mirror to see if I look good striking that particular pose, I will hear your voice in my head saying, "Now change it up. Work it." *sigh* Good times.


Sean and Meag said...

wow! fun times! you're family is the coolest!

Tamara with a "T" said...

I just did the poses in front of my mirror again. I'm ready for some more...Love you family.

emily barlocker scott said...
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Katie Torriente: said...

You guys are the cutest, funniest family. Want to adopt me?

Antonio said...

Dayang. That was fun. Who left those crazy ones alone with the camera again?

brittany said...

You crazy Burrells... I have nothing more than that...well other then "OI!" My word below is tadsque I don't know what that means either.