I wish everyone a happy and healthy year in 2009!!!
Happy Beer

Self Portrait w/B-man


A night out is never truly a night out until Brandon does the robot.


Hats and more hats

By request of the piano players, Mike went up to do a little booty-shaking on stage. Oh..don't worry, there's more to come at the end of the post.


Greg (Liz's boyfriend) modeled little furniture at the table out of his champagne bottle....wow!

Then Jim put his chicken wing on a miniature table and pretended to eat it. Silly Jimmy.


Um...Jeannie?! What are you taking a picture of?! I never found out.

I think our waitress had a little crush on Brandon. She kept bringing him free drinks. Saaweet!


Brandon is...um...(I think dancing?) next to Dave

Jeannie and Jim

Peace in '09


Midnight Kiss

On Facebook, my friend Mike set his status to "Mike is resolving to live life with fewer inhibitions in '09. :)." Well, here's proof that he wasn't kidding :)

When we were waiting to jump on Trax after the party, we were pleasantly entertained by these two gentlemen. I was laughing so hard I think I might have peed a little in my pants. It was totally worth it.

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Antonio said...

Nice midnight kiss. Shteamy.