No, this is not a word that I made up. Perigee is what happened last night. The moon was it's fullest and brightest that it ever is from our view on Earth. You know how weird things happen when there's a full moon? Like women having babies and crazy people robbing stores and stuff like that? Well, last night, it caused a group of us to gather together at Meag and Sean's house while wearing horrible Christmas sweaters. It's amazing what the full moon brings out in us.
Please notice the wing sleeves on my sweater and the beautiful pattern on Brittany's. Also the nicely detailed teddy bear on Mike's.Oh...what...this? This is what I call a turtleneck.
A nice touch is buying a sweater two sizes too small.

Here we are trying to be sexy....and not succeeding.

Here's Dave trying to be sexy...and succeeding exceedingly well. Rar.

The handmade sweaters were really a nice touch...

As hard as they try, they just don't look as manly wearing penguins and pearls...heehee
Tam and Meag

You can never go wrong with a nice sweater vest.

And if the sweater is just horrible enough...why wear anything else?
The scrunchie is a really nice touch.

I think Mike takes the award for the ugliest shirt. Check out the neckline...it's breathtaking.
And what is a Horrible Christmas Sweater Party without a little dancing?

It was a fun night and I think Meag and Sean have really started a great tradition with this one :)


Tamara with a "T" said...

What a great night...guess what...somebody stole Dave's penguin sweater...how could they?!!

Burrell said...

At first me and CZ were all, those are some really sweet sweaters. And we felt a little sorry for you for having to wear them. But we then realized that it was a party and you weren't serious. But then we saw the looks on your faces and we felt sorry for you all over again. Love you. bye.

Vicky said...

ha ha ha i was laughing so hard, you all really found some "Christmasee" stuff out there! what a fun party.

Anonymous said...

What? are you really making fun of those sweaters? It seems that I had some like that, and I thought they were groovy! OK, but not anymore. Hee, hee. Danielle, if you spread your arms out, you might fly! love, mom

Anonymous said...

Glad you celebrated the perigee in due fashion. We played music into the night with a raging fire beside us on the night of the perigee. Snow was falling and the moon turned the trees into platinum. - Antonio the 9th level druid.

hollyisawesome said...

Ah! Oh my gosh, I tried to get Austin to have an "Ugly sweater party" for his birthday (Dec 26th)but he wouldn't. Not that he could anyway, looks like you guys got 'em all!!!

Love the blog, love the slobbery chin, we definitely need to hang, Girlie