Doesn't he just make you wanna?

Doesn't he? Okay, I totally stole that line from my BFF Emily. Just in case you were wondering, I totally meant to link only part of her name. I'm cool like that. Anyway, I couldn't think of anything better and she just has the literary talent to come up with phrases like that one. This is mi esposo and sometimes I find random pictures of him on our camera. So, I'll repeat myself, doesn't he just make you wanna??

I sometimes wonder. What's going through that beautiful brain of his when he does these little photo shoots? I guess we'll never know. We'll never know.


Burrell said...

I love that he is in the same place every time he takes a photo. He's very predictable that way, I see. And yes. I know you are totally cool like that. I love you. I really really really do. Mwah.
ooohh this is a good one:

Tamara with a "T" said...

Seriously...Brandon...I dare you to do that with my camera. NOT. Those are really cute pictures. What were you thinking?

Danielle said...

I was thinking that I'm thinking too hard so I'll take cool pictures of myself.