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n0.1- I type what people are saying sometimes with my fingertips...like when I'm watching a movie for example. I know. Weird.
n0.2- I'm sort of scared of peacock calls.
n0.3- I have a bad habit of popping my fingers.
n0.4- I ALWAYS want my back scratched. Always.
n0.5- I can turn anything you say into a dirty comment.
n0.6- I'm a superhero at night.

I am tagging Angela, Sarah, Emily, Jeannie, Vicky and Cami!


brittany said...

HA ha I already tagged Angela!

Cami Jo said...

Done this one before. Thanks for the tag, and the laugh. Peacock calls. Really? (is that because you think they are saying your name? Did you tell me that once?)

Heard that before? James has gotten me into turning everything into a dirty comment. Pretty funny usually, but sad that now I have to be the one with the sick and polluted mind! Even yesterday I was driving to Wal-Mart with my kids, and someone on the radio said something (I can't remember exactly what) and I automatically come out with, "That's what she said," and secretly laugh to myself. Dumb. I know!

Hey- James and I will be in town The week of Thanksgiving. We should get together sometime, if you guys will be around. It would be so fun to see you guys! Let me know!