My friend Brittany.

Germany 2007

New York 2006

Okay, so I'm going to start a new thing and make a post about each and every one of my friends. This should be fun. The first friend highlight is Brittany.

How we Met: We met in 8th grade and were great friends then kind of lost touch when she went to private school. We met up again in college when we realized we both chose to go into Architecture! Great minds think alike. Let me tell you, I'm so glad that I have Brittany or I would go crazy. Four years of architecture school without a best friend like her? Now that would have been close to impossible. Everyone at school jokes that we are married but whateva. They wish.

What I Love About Her: She's passionate about life. If she believes something she completely dedicates herself to it but always has an open mind willing to change.

Oh my, we can totally be ourselves around each other and have so much fun together. We can talk about things like politics, sex, religion, philosophy and even poop. Yes poop. And farting. It's really fun. We both love to travel and we have the best conversations together about life. I love it.

Something to get to know her by: Here's one little story that kind of sums up Brittany. When we leave our desks at school which have many valuables on them such as drafting tools, art supplies, electronics, etc., I caught her the other day locking up in her drawer two items: Her laptop and her recently purchased bag of cookies. There you go.

She's the best!


Tamara with a "T" said...

That last picure is hilarious!!! Brittany is a fun girl...thanks for introducing us...Hey Brittany...smell my fingers...

brittany said...

Danke. You're the best too! I realize it over and over because we really can talk about anything! BTW Tamara: NO! They probably smell like teddy bears.

Burrell said...

Hey! That's my line.
And you've got it all wrong. It's "what's it smell like in here? Teddy Bears?" Sheesh. Say it right next time.
And awwww. Brittany.

Tamara with a "T" said...

What's wrong with teddy bear smell? And...my fingers smell like fresh lavender. This is the last comment about teddy bears...no touchies...I said it last. Schkonks.

Vicky said...

I know I don't know Brittany that well, but she's so cute... I am glad you guys found each other! Life with good friends is sooo much better.