Survey Time

I found my long lost friend Cami on blogger and I'm so excited to keep in touch with her this way! I found this on hers and tagged myself...pathetic I know, but I like these things.

Four random things I like about my husband:
1- He is the greatest friend to everyone. He is so sincere and truly cares about other people. He never wants to leave anyone out or make anyone feel uncomfortable.

2- He loves the outdoors and nature - I love that we both have such a desire to go outside and explore! Great memories!

3- He is honest. Seriously. He's not the kind of person you can ask a question to if you really want him to lie to you and make you feel better. He will not lie - so if you're like, "My hair looks so weird today. Huh?" ...and you're expecting him to say.."Oh no sweetie, your hair is perfect every day." He'll say, "Um yeah, what the hell is up with it today?"

4-He's so patient with me and my bad habits...and he ALWAYS scratches my back. I love it. He does it like every night!

Four Jobs I've had:
1- SnoShack. I quit after a week because my hands got too cold.

2- Secretary for my singing teacher....easy!

3- Telemarketer for five years...I have to say I learned SO much at this job. About people, sales, finances, etc.

4-Intern Architect...definitely the best job so far :) I love being creative and doing something different every day.

Four movies I have watched more than once:
1- Kill Bill
2-Dumb and Dumber
3-Big Fish (I LOVE this movie)
4-300...B and I watch this a lot. I think we're kind of obsessed. It's so cool though. And the endless parade of airbrushed six packs is nice too. Teehee.

Four tv shows I watch:
1- Friends (we watch it on dvd a lot)
2- America's Next Top Model. B probably doesn't want all to know, but we love this show. A bunch of catty models living together and competing together? Talk about endless entertainment.
3-American Idol. When is this show going to end?
4- The Office

Four places I have been:
1-Germany or otherwise known as Deutshland (sp?)
2-Chile. I want to go back and take B!
3- Caribbean...I love cruising!
4- New Orleans...great experience.

Four of my favorite foods:
1- Artichokes
2- Nani's food...empanadas, peude...mmmmm
3- caprese salad...or anything with a combo of fresh mozarella, tomato and basil
4- Berries...any kind...blueberry, rasberry, strawberry....my mouth is watering now.

Four places I would like to visit:
1- Italy
3- Greece
4- Sweden

Four things I am looking forward to in the coming year:
1- Graduating with my masters degree! Wooooo!
2- Cruise with B's fam to the Caribbean
3- Christmas at the cabin with the fam
4- San Francisco in just a few weeks with B, Tam and Dave! It'll be a blast!

I am tagging you. Yes you, reading this right now (unless you're Cami, because you already did it). Especially if you read my blog and never leave a comment. Yes people, a comment is nice every once in a while. It makes me feel loved. It gives me warm fuzzies inside. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Here's a basketful of warm fuzzies...


Cami Jo said...

I love that you tagged yourself. SO something I would do! Um.. okay, first of all, I told the lazer pointer story to my friend like 2 weeks ago! Still cracks me up! And second, I too LOVE artichokes. I only had them from the first time this year, and I ate them CONSTANTLY! Do you have any good dip recipes? I liked a little mayo, but new ideas are great!

Congrats on graduating! I only got an associates degree before I had Carson. Not that I regret it, but an education is awesome! Tell Brandon, James says hi.

Cami Jo said...

okay- I'll try the dip, we'll see how it goes. Thanks!

Yeah- we are in Idaho. James is going to Pharmacy school in Pocatello. This is his last year of classes, and then he has 1 year of rotations and then he will finally be done. He will have gone to College 9 years by the time he graduates. I know what you mean by seeming like you've been in school FOREVER! It'll be so nice when we're done. We don't plan on staying in Idaho when we're done, (I guess that will depend on where he gets a job) but we would love to end up in Heber or somewhere like that. We both love the outdoors, and Heber is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Plus- it's only 45 minutes from our parents. (not too close, and not too far!) We'll see how it goes. Where do you guys plan on ending up?

Tamara with a "T" said...

Danielle and Brandon don't plan on ending up living very far from me. Ever.

Burrell said...

Ummm. I'll leave a comment. I love them, too. SO every time I read a blog entry, I will comment. Mainly because there are many things I would like to comment on. I'm totally playing along.