Good ol' Marysvale

For Labor Day weekend, we headed South to Marysvale to spend time with family and we had a blast! Somehow my camera didn't make it out too much, so for a full update, please visit this lovely lady's blog. I love getting to see the Fierros, Avitals and Baers and banjo-playing Jimmy at least once a year!

You may wonder what this picture is but let me explain...my mom has the most beautiful flower garden surrounding the cabin. She puts so much love into the beautiful flowers and the hill is always bursting with color. If you don't know my mom that well, the story of this picture tells a lot...this plant and about three others like it, grew randomly and wildly in the middle of the gravel road that leads up to the cabin. Rather than tear it out or allow the cars to drive over the lonely plant, my mom waters it and clears the weeds and rocks around it, allowing it to bloom and grow in the place it chose to land. My mom is the most patient, loving, unselfish, accepting and nurturing person you could ever meet.

Isabella and chica...Chica loves exploring the property!

Water fight! I designated myself as the official photographer of the waterfight so that I couldn't get wet...teehee.


brittany said...

you're not THAT cool.

brittany said...

ain't happenin beotch. OH! Wait what!?

Tamara with a "T" said...

I love that butterfly-flower picture...it's so pretty!

Burrell said...

NIce. Thanks for the sweet b-day call. It made my heart grow 2 sizes. Love the prop.

Vicky said...

looks fun! Love those colors/flowers... muy lindo!
Muy buena fotografa.