The Sancho-Perez Survey

This is fun! I saw this on my friend's blog (Emily's) and it was fun.

1. If you could be a birthmark, where would you be?
In my armpit

2. If you had to walk around all day in a penguin suit which city would you walk around in?

3. Would you rather kiss Montel Williams or Jerry Springer?

4. Would you rather tickle George Bush or pick a fight with The Incredible Hulk?
I'd rather tickle The Incredible Hulk

5. If you were a piece of bread about to be eaten, what would you want spread all over you first?

6. ..And who would you want to eat you?
George Bush

7. You know how there's peanut butter?

8. If you were an aloe vera plant who would you want to cut you open and spread you all over their sunburned body?
Female: angelina jolie
male: abraham lincoln

9. Would you rather appear to be three feet to the left of where you really are OR not exist on December 18th every year?

10. If you had to refer to yourself in the third person from now on would you rather be known as "The Ambassador" or "Princess Bananahammic"...as in "The Ambassador would like more pie."
The Ambassador

**Intermission*** da da daaa [elevator music] da baba dadabaaaaaa

Okay now some multiple choice.

What is your favorite color?
a. bluish
b. clearish
c. pumpkin spice
d. glitter

What's your favorite smell?
a. feet
b. the skin in between your fingers
c. ear wax
d. pumpkin spice

What's your best feature?
a. kidney
b. your mole(s)
c. your knuckles
d. your uvula

What's your favorite pet name?
a. Harold
b. Mr. Hippo
c. Pumpkin Spice
d. Regina Philange

Hey, you know how there's peanut butter AND jelly? In one bottle?
a. yes
b. no
c. maybe
d. pumpkin spice

If you don't like this survey email Sancho Perez at sanchoperez@sanchoperez.sanchoperez

I tag Tamara. Word.


Unknown said...

that is the stupidest thing ever. Nothing is more stupid than this stupid thing. Great now I'm more stupider for weading it. thanks.

Mike said...
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Tamara with a "T" said...

Oh...I snort every time I read this...seriously...whoever came up with it is hilarious...but kind of wierd too.