Odd child?

Okay, so lately at school when I've been telling friends stories about my childhood....I kind of realized that I was an odd child. This is my proof that I was odd. Please notice that I say WAS odd. I'm totally normal now.

Exhibit A:

Peacocks are beautiful specimen...however, in my youth, I didn't make the connection that our neighbor down the street, ironically named Mr. Peacock (seriously), had a bunch of peacocks in his backyard. So when I heard the sounds that peacocks make (can you imagine it in your head right now?) I truly thought there were some demons or something in the fields behind our house calling my name..."Danielle"...."Danielle"..."Danielle". So, next time that you hear a peacock, pay attention. It's really creepy.

Exhibit B:

Kindergarten spotlight. I had to make a poster with my favorite things. My favorite food? Artichokes. My favorite animal? A horny toad.

Exhibit C:

Now, I totally remembered this recently and somehow I had kept the memory hidden far away until it all came rushing back to me. When I was little, for some reason I thought it was totally comfortable to stand with my stomach sort of sticking out, my bum sticking out (so I would have a major arch going on in my back to maneuver this) and my elbows would be bent, holding my hands up by my chest. My wrists would be relaxed so my hands just sorf of hung there. Can you imagine this? I would just walk around with my hands hanging there. It was really comfortable, I promise. I couldn't find a picture of me doing this but you have to believe me! Ask my sis, she'll confirm this.

Exhibit D: In second grade, I licked my boyfriends desk while everyone was at recess so that I could catch his cooties. Brilliant.

Exhibit E: I liked sleeping on the kitchen floor.

So, you make the judgement...odd child? I like to think of me as unique ;)


angela said...

Unique, indeed! Who are we if we don't have our quirks? Boring!!! Who was you boyfriend in 2nd grade? Really, Danielle, I like to think of you doing that position because it makes me giggle. Just thinking about it right now, I'm chuckling! I'm beginning to lean towards odd child...

Unknown said...

So your saying that when our kids get a note sent with them from school stating: Your child has licked an other students desk. We are rather worried and discusted.

I shouldn't be worried, because I'll no that mommy did it it too.

Unknown said...

Okay danielle I'll correct my spelling error. No should be "know" is that better?

Anonymous said...

Definitely a voodoo chile. - Antonio

Burrell said...

HA HA HA! That's sort of what I sounded like just now with a little snort thrown in the mix. I can picture you walking around just like that! A little bit like a velociraptor, eh? And were you able to catch his cooties? I hope it all worked out for you. Hoo Boy. That was a good laugh! Thanks for the giggles.

Burrell said...

Oh Danielleee Belleee. I think you and your 2:40 am comments are funny. And Danielllllle. I KNOW. You don't think I know, but I KNOW.

Cami Jo said...

And I thought I was the wierdo child. J/K.

(I use to walk around wiggling my bum from side to side...ya know...like a model? This was in first grade. Pretty soon kids started to tease me, and I decided to tell them all that I had a problem with my feet that the doctor's couldn't fix, hoping this would make them all feel bad for teasing me. Needless to say, my problem stopped within a day or two.)

Moral of my story: Don't worry, we all do wierd things as kids. The trick is to grow out of them---hint-hint. Just kidding! I loved this post!