Soakin' it up

We had a camping trip planned this weekend, but we got snowed out of our plans. So, instead, we took a day trip up to Fifth Water Hot Springs and soaked in the natural springs for a few hours. The hour hike up to the springs was a little chilly, but the snow was melting around us and all of the plants and animals around us were buzzing with the coming of Spring. It was a beautiful and perfect day.


angela said...

That's an awesome way to escape the lingering winter. Nothing chases away the cold and snow like a bikini! You look hot!

angela said...

Thanks for the congrats, James is so excited. You wouldn't believe what Mayra from the office tried to do to him, James had to go to Prescott to try and get everything resolved. They just started an accelerated program and he can waive some of the classes at the beginning which means he will be done in 2 years. Hooray!