I believe that last night was the beginning of a monthly tradition. Okay, maybe bi-monthly. Okay, weekly. Downtown, there is an AWESOME sushi place called Ah Sushi, and on Wednesdays, we can get half price beer and half price rolls. Um....yes please.

P.S. Did you SEE the size of the beers?

If you ask for one water and one beer, this is what you get:

Robot! Robot! Robot!

It was gooood.


Burrell said...

Although I do not like the taste of sushi (raw fish and seaweed? Bleh.) I do love these pictures. My favorite is the one of Bwandon and the clouds. He looks so natural, like he's in nature.


Reshm assured, I still think beer is gross.

Vicky said...

looks like so much fun, and the "good deal" make it even sweeter : )