First of all, I am the worst blogger ever for the last few weeks. I'm sorry.
Second of all, I'm so excited for Thanksgiving because we will be spending it in Marysvale! Anthony, Jennifer and the kids are in town and I seriously live for time spent with friends and family. It's the best. Can I just say that my family is the greatest? When we are together, we have so much fun together. So, for the next four days, these are some of the things on my agenda: campfire, hot tub, talk, laugh, cook, eat, wine, kombucha, making music, listening to music, family videos, turkey, hugs, pajamas, pumpkin pie cheesecake, memories, inside jokes, laughing until we snort/cry, snow?, dogs, kids, stories, more food, more wine, more campfire, more hot tub and more incredible memories made in Marysvale! :) Here's a pic from last year...maybe we can expect another snowstorm in the hot tub?
P.S. Mike, Emily and kids...we misssss you! :)
P.S.S. Can Brandon take a normal picture?

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