Summertime, and the livin's easy...

Of course, one of the best memories of the trip is just hanging on the beach. Nothing like digging your feet into the sand and soaking up some rays while listening to music and hanging out with the family. There is absolutely nothing like Summer.

Lorna (Otherwise known as Mike's lover)

Jocelyn, Cassidy, Corrine and Mason

Grandma and Layna...so beautiful.

Hunter and Mason

I love my sister!! We have so much fun together...I love you Tamwa.

This is Temily. Well...Emily, but we have an understanding that I call her Temily. I guess it's an inside joke, but whatever. You know how there's peanut butter?

Little Laynee just melts my heart :)

Roo and Cass fishing off the houseboat

Elayna Rae and Temily

Mamacita and sister

Brandon is our resident margarita specialist. If we don't look normal in this picture, that's because we're not. We are actually quite abnormal, I mean, have you met us?

The boys on the boat.

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Burrell said...

Haha! I love the smoosh nose pic. That one gets my vote. And yes, Danelle. I know how there's peanut butter. That makes me laugh. Hard.