Man, I've tried to keep my posts in themes but there are so many pics to dig through! I still don't even have everyones pictures! As always, it was a memorable and amazing trip with the family and I always look forward to the next time! Here are some pictures of the crazy Powell Party Pirates :)

Boys will be boys.

Michael and Elayna



Ze Captains.



Burrell said...

Boy. I hear ya on that one. Lots of pics to go through. I finally just resigned myself to the fact that maybe someday, just out of the blue, I will post some random pictures of Lake Powell. Although this could go on for a looooong time.


We are at dmersis of the elements.

Anonymous said...

I just made some Emily salsa, and it took me back to Lake Powell, what a fun time, playing in the water, good music, good food, great company, unforgettable memories, watching the grandkids having so much fun. Mom