Christmas in Paradise

We had so much fun in Marysvale for Christmas! We spent six days there and the time still flew by.
Grandma and Cass making a gingerbread house...sort of.
Brandon and Dave doing dishes. Um...yeah.

Brandon and Dave hiked all the way up to the mine to sled down and couldn't get the sled to go since the snow was so deep....dang it!

So they hiked down...

Yes, I can be sexy even when I'm shoveling.

Cassidy made the cutest game for us to play around the table after lunch...the Game of Niceness. We had to say something nice about the person's name that we drew.

Brandon and Dave entertained themselves for hours with their homemade kneeboard/sled thing and the fourwheeler.

Dad helped us out by plowing down a hill so we could sled down it...

Cassafrass and Aunt Dani

Go Tammi!

Here I am being very serious with my guitar, Tamara doing some foot stompin' with her banjo and Brandon being sexy with his mandolin. Word.

Ahhh..nothing better than the hot tub...under the stars...while it's snowing.

Tamara gave me the coolest looking globe...I love it!

Bwandon, we know!

Chica, Cass and Tamara

Christmas Dinner
Sitting down for some prime rib...mmmmmm. Eventhough we're all not showing it, we're really as excited as Brandon is. Really.
Look at this delicious salad that Tam and Dave made! Thanks Brittany for the deliciousness recipe.

Hot Chocolate.

Mom with her prime rib masterpiece dinner.

Um...I can explain. Hmmm? I have slobber on my chin? Yes. I do. Because we went flying down this hill on a sled (Mom, Tamara and I) and I was in the front and had snow spraying in my face the whole way down. My face was numb. And I was laughing hysterically. My eyes felt frozen shut. And I was slobbering. Can we not talk about it anymore? Thanks.

Mom Tamara and I sledding

Dave getting pulled off a jump

B-Man getting pulled off a jump


Unknown said...

Dave and I are the coolest people AAAAAALIVE.

Burrell said...

*sniffle* this made me cry. Only because I'm so happy for youuuuuuuuuu. Bwaaaaa haaaahaaaa. *sniff* No, no. I'm OK. Really. I am.

So I laughed at the drool on your chin. And the dishes pose. And the sledding video of you girls. And and and! I loved it all!


Tamara with a "T" said...

I want to go back NOW!!!

Cami Jo said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! Glad you guys had fun! Have a good New Year's!

Anonymous said...

Let's go sledding again!!Please? What a fun time, I loooove family get togethers!!!!mom

Vicky said...

Every picture shows how much fun your days in paradise were... see paradise has snow, yay! Tell the guys they can come do dishes here anytime, looks like a good show : )

brittany said...


Antonio said...

That's exactly how I imagined it.

Mike said...

I must say there are some great photos here but the sledding drool takes the prize!!!! LOL.