Spoonydippen 2008

So, you may be wondering what the title of this post is and I'll tell you. In a string of emails while our fam was planning the trip, my dad made up this fabulous word called "spoonydippen" referring to the necessity of the married folk to have a private room at some point in the week to do their "spoonydippen". Thus, the title of our family reunion. I hate using the word family reunion for this trip, because so many people use that term to describe a painful family gathering where nobody wants to be there. This was the absolute opposite...I have to say that I have the greatest family. When we're together, we laugh constantly, we jam to our own music, we have intellectual and spiritual discussions, we uplift each other and love each other. I could never ask for a better family and I wish this week could've lasted a little longer. I miss all of you and can't wait until we're together again. Our times together are always unforgettable!
Here are the boys in the cool tye-dye shirts we made...
Oh...one more thing..I have uploaded tons and tons of pictures, so sit back and relax!

We three now have matching tattoos..senoritas bonitas.

Grandma playing with the grandkiddies.

Mmm...fish tacos, which we caught, fried and ate. The pics are all out of order, but you will see the fishing trip soon...

The kids put on a cute little concert for us one night with songs they wrote themselves...it was so adorable! Their songs made me cry!

Some nice catches by the Burrell Bros.

Brandon and Dave playing on the beach...or should I say frolicking?

Hunter running.

These windows gave us a fabulous view!

It rained the first few days, but that didn't spoil our fun!

Cooking yummy food and drinking yummy pina coladas...yes Emily, we can see you.

Mike, our resident Wildlife Biologist, took us clamming...so fun!

This clam was really stuck in a crack in the rock. No pun intended...I know you can see MY crack in this picture.

Frisbee Catch

Jen and I flying our kite..well, it never actually flew, but we tried...

The almost inappropriate frisbee catch.

Elayna Rae...I want to steal her, she's so cute!

We went for a long beach walk and found this hut someone made and we thought...wouldn't it be fun to go sit in the hut and have a discussion like they did in the olden days? So we did. If this doesn't make sense, it's okay, many things we do don't make sense.

Me in my clamming gear, contemplating something worth contemplating about.

The girls

From the looks of these kids, they must have some VERY good looking parents.

Mike and Em

Dave, Cassidy and Tamara

Brandon and Danielle

Mike, Elayna, Corrine, Emily and Hunter

Amanda, Anthony, Tyler, Jennifer, Emily

Mike and Em at sunset

Corrine teaching her mama a really cool beach dance

Hunter and B doing a dance

Mike was our photographer :)

B and i took a long walk at sunset...cliche I know, but so romantic!

Little Emily and Hunteroo

Anthony and Tamara...isn't it obvious she used to do ballet? Look at that form!

Pulling in the crab traps

Fondue, chocolate, cheese and wine...it doesn't get any better than this.




Jen putting music to Cassidy's song

"Oh-ah" as Elayna calls him

My beautiful mommy

Cigar Time

Jam Session

Everyone's feet!

Mmmm..Tillamook ice cream

Our home for a week...awesome view!

Mmmm...Tillamook cheese

Fixing dinner...and yes, we can see you Emily.

Hunter and Amanda playing with clams


My feet.

Calvin Klein picture session..

They were crazy! The water was freezing!

Frisbee was so much fun!

The kids dug holes....and I mean HOLES.

The most beautiful sunset I've ever seen! Ever.

The Rockstar couple.

Youngest grandchild and oldest grandchild.

Well family, I had so much fun with all of you and love you all. Until next time...


Anonymous said...


- Antonio

Tamara with a "T" said...

This was so fun to sit back and relive the vacation...again. Now I will put some pics on my blog and I'll try to put some different ones! We have the best fam damly...EVER. I love ya'll.

Tamara with a "T" said...

Dave's going to hurt you for putting those sexy Calvin Klein pics and the frolicking pics on your blog! I love it!!! Wasn't that great?
People. Just imagine. Danielle and I were walking from the beachhouse to the ocean...there's this part where you go down a little so you can't see the beach but then you go over a little hill and then you can get the best view...as we get to the top of the hill...we see our two best friend hubbies doing the wheelbarrow and handstands together. FROLICKING. They were having a good ole time all by them lonesome selves. Yes. Without me and Danielle. They are the cutest friends. We were laughing...snort wheezle.

Katie Torriente: said...

Hi, this is Katie, Tamara's neigbhor. I just have to say i LOVE all your pictures from your Oregon trip. The coast there is so beautiful, I love it. You and Tam are too cute!

Burrell said...

So fun! Is it really over? You took some great photos! I can't wait to see them all when Anthony sends us the cd's! I'm totally copying these pics onto my own computer.
And I'm glad you can see me. I was worried.

Vicky said...

the pictures are beautiful and so fun, and the "where's Emily" feature or whatever is called, so funny!