I saw this on my friend's blogs and it was fun, so just try it out!As a comment on my blog, leave a memory that you and I have together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember!Next, repost these instructions on your blog and see what memories people have of you! It's actually pretty funny to see the responses!


Tamara with a "T" said...

We loved playing in the backyard...on the minibike, chasing bunnies, trampoline...I have good memories of watching my little sis sing her heart out on stage and always winning and I was always so proud! I remember holding you when you were born thinking how lucky I was to have a little sister...No Doubt concert...day hikes...piano bars...tequila shots (ha ha)...I remember you were the first one to show up after my car accident and you were so sweet...snowboarding lessons...learning to wakeboard...canyoneering (I swear we almost died like 9 times)...laughing our heads off when we found out that moms hair was at a big foot lab across the country...I love you!!!

Burrell said...

Ha ha. I remember the big foot incident too! I was there with y'all! Funny. I remember when you sang at our wedding...when we had a girl's night out in Park City and I drove from Logan and we stayed in a hotel and...when you came to Kalama and we went in some underground caves...driving to New Mexico for Grandma's funeral and making Hunter copy whatever we said...deer hunting with Michael and you...4-wheeling on Monroe at the prop and getting really muddy...Park City shopping...I hate trying to single one out over another. I just know that I love you and love ALL our mems together!

brittany said...

Wee who wee whoo (ascending, then decending, then repeat)

Vicky said...

I remember how you would play with your mom's hair and fall asleep doing it when you were tiny, sometimes seating next to her in the car, so cute. I remember you calling me caki and me loving it.
You winning a "baby beauty contest" You were such a beautiful baby... y todavia!! How much you loved your doggie Benson, how you always wanted to wear a dress to school, Loved hearing you sing, remember Nani,if a judge happened to not have a clue? hee hee...
How fun is everytime we get together with the family! oh and going to the movies with Tam,and Em so fun! I remember always being proud of you, love you,Vicky

Cami Jo said...

I cannot believe you found me! I'm SO GLAD! I went to one of James' old friends wedding a month ago or so, and wondered if you would be there with Brandon. You look so beautiful...still. You always have. I really just spent like 20 minutes looking at your blog...and then Tamara's....yeah- I'm kind of a blog stalker. What'ya do? Anyway- this post is totally old, but I couldn't pass this one up... so....here it comes.

Hmm.. Memories of Danielle...

Okay- remember when we drove to Wyoming with a pig in my car? Remmeber how we kept feeding it cheese nips???!

I remember making up stupid jokes that made no sense, and laughing at them all the way to musical wave!

So many memories! I also remember watching old yeller at your cabin, and hearing your dad cry!

I actually REALLY miss hearing your mom sing Chicken Noodle Soup!

I miss you guys!!! How did we ever loose touch?! I hope this blog thing helps! Hey- you should call me sometime. When James and I are down, we should go on a double date or something. That would be a blast!

My number is (208) 241-9727

See ya later!