Bday Celebration

Asses from left to right: Brittany, me, mom and Meag (Tamara joined in soon after taking the picture)

For my birthday, we made reservations at Keys on Main - an awesome piano bar downtown and we had so much fun! My mom and dad came and friends and we had fun singing along as well as dancing on stage for my birthday to "My Humps".
Tammy blowing kisses.
Tamara and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bohemian Rhapsody at the piano bar...it comes on and we just can't help but headbang.


Vicky said...

Your b-day looks like so much fun, I love the picture of you dancing!!

Anonymous said...

You guys make me wish that beer was allowed in heaven. Haha. No, but, seriously. Ya'll look like you had a great time! Awesome pics. My fav asses in the whole world.

Tamara with a "T" said...

Daniela! You are hot hot hot! Who took that fabuloso picture?